Product Development Services

We pride ourselves as a full service product development firm. From discussing your concept over coffee, engineering your 3D CAD files, building your first prototype, packaging , patents and all the way to manufacturing. We provide tailored product development services, call us today to learn about each phase of product development. Consultations are free and we will provide you with a wealth of information to help you on your product development journey!

In each phase there are crucial steps in industrial design, engineering, intellectual property (Patents, Trademarks , ect), branding, prototyping and manufacturing. Our phases have been designed to provide a road-map and reduce risk along your journey.  If you have any questions about any of our services feel free to call us at (561)922-9931

Industrial Design We Love Design!

Industrial design is the cornerstone of beautiful and top selling products today! Dont think so? Think Dyson! Apple? Phillips?
Our Designers illustrate initial concepts of your product, honing in on features and benefits. The design team works in tandem with our engineering team to ensure your design, can be produced efficiently. The industrial design team will impact many facets of your product, including geometry , ergonomics & Human Factors, colors pallet, User Experience, Internal components , packaging and more.

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Mechanical Engineering A La Cart Services Get a Quote Today!

We design for manufacturing, many companies will design your parts with undercuts and movements that are not feasible. Its a big step going from 3D to manufacturing and you want to get right, so your parts will function and fit properly.

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Patent Research & Protection Need a Patent?

Protecting your idea by filing patents will keep your competitors at bay and help avoid lawsuits. The Federal Trade Commission or the International Trade Commission. Our services combine product research, engineering and legal counsel from a registered patent attorney. We will design your product with background research that minimizes your risk of infringement.

Patent Research & Protection

Packaging Design & Brand Development Need Packaging Prototyping

The importance of visual Positioning, Brand Identity, , Graphics, and Artwork Production are as important as the product itself! A product really comes to life once the structural packaging and graphics are leveraged to their full potential. Create a experience for your end users, we will help you communicate your vision, expression and give your product/ brand the recognition it deserves. Our services include but not limited to; Brand identity, Logo Design, Brand architecture, On-product communication (copy), Structural Packaging design, Design guidelines, Retail & competitive category design assessment, photography & illustration, prototyping and production.

Manufacturing We run small production runs!

Once your product is ready for manufacturing were here to get you on the right path the first time! With client testimonials and even other firms sending clients to us for manufacturing shows you our skill set. We connect you directly with our manufacturing partners to begin tooling, logistics set up and certifications. Manufacturing can be a dream or a nightmare as it is a complex process with very little margins for error. We not only establish your manufacturing but we design for manufacturing, this is crucial part of the success of your product.

Prototyping Get Quote! Today!

Prototype House can cover all of your prototyping needs! We provide rapid prototypes, simple 3D Printing, High End Appearance Models , Proof of Concept Models, Functional Models, and small batch production prototypes .

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Electronic Design & Engineering PCB Prototypes

Electronic Design & Engineering include; feasibility studies, PCB Layout Design, Electronic Circuit Design, CAD Layout, Firmware Dev, and more.
After we evaluate your project, we begin building your design and suggest additional or alternate solutions. We can provide working prototype boards and firmware based on your designs aswell.