Electronic PCB Design & Firmware Development

Electronic PCB Design and Layout Services

Prototype House PCB/PCA design and manufacturing experience covers a wide range of platforms and applications including battery management, wireless data communications, medical devices and military-based projects. We can deliver the full design cycle or just the pieces that you require.

The following is a list of our Electronic PCB services:

  • Provide expertise for the schematic and system design of your product. We can work from a simple verbal description or a more detailed system requirements document.
  • Provide physical layout of your completed schematic design. We can work from a CAD tool schematic output or a netlist.
  • Perform the physical layout of your design in Altium Designer with all associated design files necessary to bid out your project.
  • Deliver fabricated PCB’s based on submitted documentation or the design files we develop for you.
  • Develop a complete BOM of active components necessary to implement your design.
  • Deliver assembled PCB’s based on submitted BOM and fabrication documents or the design files and BOM that we develop for you.
Electronic PCB design image.
Our firmware development services are second to none. This is an image of computer code.

Firmware Development Services

We possess extensive firmware development experience bringing up custom PCBA’s and highly customized firmware oriented solutions for most standard platforms. Our firmware development services experience includes enabling support for PC-based systems, embedded systems, and wireless technologies over a wide variety of operating systems.

The following is a list of our firmware development services:

  • Provide firmware architecture development for your project. This can be based upon simple verbal descriptions or more detailed system requirements documentation.
  • Develop firmware to meet your system design requirements related to existing hardware.
  • Provide resolution for hardware with functional issues related to existing firmware implementation.