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If you have a product idea, or new invention the first step is finding the right development partner to launch your product. If you want to save yourself the headaches of guessing “ Who can help me with designing, engineering , prototyping or manufacturing? ” and focus on what you do best – run the other moving parts of your business – then hire the experts, at your local Fort Lauderdale product development company.  Rest assured you have the best prototyping services and product development experts in Florida managing your invention or product idea.

Dating back to 2013, We have been consulting companies of all sizes from inventors and garage start ups to fortune 500 companies on their product development, engineering , prototyping and manufacturing strategies.

I’m a product development expert Matthew Bordy ,  being in the product development and contract manufacturing space for so long is something I’m extremely proud of. I’ve seen plenty lean practices, successful product launches, and self proclaimed invention experts  come and go more than I care to even talk about.

There are so many fly-by-night companies that will over-promise and under-deliver on their product design, 3D CAD , engineering, or manufacturing services that really give the product development industry a bad reputation. We all have seen those late-night commercials and the guy working out of his townhouse!

We have time-tested, results-driven product development strategies that are built to develop your product quickly and with engineering that is ready for manufacturing. We work directly with you to build on the fundamentals of your product including; Appearance, function, Materials, engineering drawings, prototypes, PCB Flow charts and build out a road map for a successful product launch!

There isn’t a single product development or engineering expert in Fort Lauderdale with the background, track record, and results that we have.

As an expert on the topic of product development and prototyping services, I routinely speak at industry events and lead many focus groups on how to launch new products and startups. I’m also a board member of the GCVCA Gold coast venture capitalist association.

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Prototype House HQ Team

Recent Feedback from a Prototyping Services Client in Fort Luaderdale Florida

Paul FitzpatrickPaul Fitzpatrick

” Francisco & Matthew are a great team to work with from drawings in beginning stages all the way through to the first functional prototype and onwards. Their CAD is amazing and they know how to take care of their clients. They are a growing business and I’m excited to see the cool products they will continue to develop in the future! “

Perhaps you found our website because you typed in “Ft Lauderdale product development expert” or something similar to that. Hopefully that alone brings you a wealth of knowledge about Prototype House and how we know what were doing.

And don’t worry, if you don’t live in South Florida, we will still work with you. While it’s always nice having face to face meetings and becoming acquainted, we do work with clients across the globe.