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Inventor Help: Prototype House assisted Kernard with the development and launch of their product.

Do you have a product IDEA? 

Get your product to market faster with expert inventor help. We provide a full suite of end-to-end product design services,  including ideation, prototyping, engineering, packaging, and manufacturing.

Who We Are

Prototype House team

Prototype House is a North American product development firm based in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. Our product development services bridge the gap between design, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing. If you’re an entrepreneur or inventor, we will guide you through the product development process to bring your idea to life. Whether it’s engineering a mechanism, developing a prototype, designing retail packaging, or gearing up for manufacturing– Prototype House is here for you!

Inventor Help For Startups, Entrepreneurs & Inventors
Image of Prototype House team members.

Prototype House understands the challenges in getting a start-up off the ground and the difficulties that a sole entrepreneurs face. Inventors turn to  Prototype House as a valuable resource, as we can help with your product’s design, engineering, prototyping, packaging, branding, and manufacturing. We can also help get you ready for your next pitch. Reach out to us or stop by to schedule an appointment! Learn more about our Services

For Established Companies & Brands
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Prototype House can alleviate temporary personnel shortages with specifically targeted product design, engineering, or manufacturing help. We also offer your company our specialized expertise that may not be available within your own ranks. With our help, you can achieve speed to market, new cost targets, and inject innovation into stale categories. With our talented team, you will be ready for a successful redesign, brand extension, or new product launch! See Our Services

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End-to-End Full Services Product Development Sevices

Everything you need for a successful product launch ?

Prototype House design

Product Engineering

From discussing your concept, engineering 3D CAD files, building prototypes, designing packaging, collaborating on patent drawings, designing PCBs, and all the way through setting up manufacturing–Prototype House provides tailored product development services to meet your needs.

This image shows some of the stages of prototype development.

Functional Prototypes

Prototype House can cover all of your prototyping needs! We provide rapid prototypes, simple 3D printing, high-end appearance models, proof of concept models, functional models, and small batch production prototypes. Call us today so we can discuss your specific product and provide our professional recommendations for all of your prototyping needs!

When it comes to manufacturing, attention to detail matters. This is an image of some of the Gopher Case components.

Manufacturing Samples

The fact is that manufacturing can be a dream or a nightmare, as it is a complex process with very little margin for error. At Prototype House, we not only establish your manufacturing with a reputable factory, but we do so with the need for packaging and shipping in mind. Our holistic approach and forward-thinking strategies maximize your product’s potential for success!

Exploring design ideas can bring about ideas you hadn't previously thought of. This image shows a Prototype House concept.

Industrial Design

The cornerstone of a successful product is how it looks and functions. Let our design experts bring your idea to life. The industrial design team will impact many facets of your product, including geometry, ergonomics, human factors, color pallet, user experience (UX), internal components, packaging, and more.

Technical drawing and tech packs are extremely helpful when developing products. This image shows some of the pack we did for Kernard.

Techpack & Technical Drawings

Techpacks and Technical Drawings are made using a universal fabrication language. Techpacks can include PCB schematics, Gerber Files, Firmware, Blueprints, and Technical Drawings. With our Techpack, you will be ready to share your creations with fabricators, patent attorneys, investors, and best of all, manufacturers.

Packaging design may be one of the most important elements. This image shows some packaging we designed for Kernard.

Structural & Graphic Packaging Design

Our packaging design services include brand identity, logo design, brand architecture, on-product communication, structural packaging design, design guidelines, retail POP design, competitive category design assessment, product photography & illustration, retail prototyping, and production.

Patent Research & Protection is crucial. This image shows a drawing from our patent process.

Patents & Patent Drawings

Prototype House is here to help you with protecting your inventions and enabling you to get the best IP protection for your invention or product. Our team of experts can draft patent specification sheets and complex patent drawings. We are accustomed to working with our clients’ patent attorneys and are happy to do so.

It's imperative you protect your invention. This image shows some drawings from our patent drafting process.

Design for Manufacturing

What sets Prototype House apart from the rest is our expertise in designing our clients’ products with the end goal of actual manufacturing in mind. Working with Prototype House from the beginning avoids the delays and added costs that can be caused by other companies designing your product with undercuts and movements that are not feasible during mass production.

We Love Our Clients!

Image of Protoype House working hard for clients.
This image shows how easy it is collaborating with the Prototype House team.
Tim Bell: CEO of The Wet and Dry Baiter. They partnered with Prototype House for their product launch.
Our clients include:

Inventors, start ups, and major brands partner with us to develop their new innovative products.

Do you have a product IDEA ?

Go from an idea to manufacturing in less than 6 months! 

Manufacturing Partners

Expertise in:

  • Plastics, Rubbers and Silicone Products
  • Cut & Sew Manufacturing
  • Full Aseesmaply & Packaging
  • Medical Products – FDA Approval
  • CE & UL Certified Electronic Products
  • End to End Production Support
  • DFM & DFA
Projects completed

Inventor Help & Startup Corner

Patent Research and Analysis

Protecting your idea by filing for a patent will keep your competitors at bay and help avoid litigation. Our services combine product research, engineering, and legal counsel from a registered patent attorney. We will design your product with background research to minimize your risk of infringement.

New Product Innovation Research

When it comes to getting your new product ready for the market, time and customer accuracy is top of mind. Our product prediction market research can help narrow down product features, ideas, and concepts to create the highest probabilities of success for your product launch and development.

Crowdfunding Campaign Design

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are awesome sources of funding for inventors and entrepreneurs hoping to turn ideas into reality. However, crowdfunding sites can also be a daunting task to design, plan, and execute. Crowdfunding campaign planning can include videos, visuals, branding, and more.

Electronics Research

Want the newest technologies implemented in your product? Our Electronics Research can help narrow down technology you should use in your product. Our team of experts can help with PCB component sourcing and research to new custom technology solutions that will be sure to make your product stands out!

Concept Validation Research

Sometimes it’s worth investing time to validate your concept before proceeding to full development or manufacturing. Our team can create stunning photorealistic renderings and prototypes that enable you to test and validate various versions of your product. This helps to ensure you bring the very best solution to market!

Provisional Patent Filing

A provisional patent application (PPA) is a simple patent application that can be used by an inventor to secure a filing date, while avoiding the costs associated with the filing and prosecution of a nonprovisional patent application. We can provide you with a list of possible claims you can use while filling your PPA.

Product Planning Roadmap

product roadmap is a high-level step-by-step visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of your product over time. This can help you plan your launch, and future versions of your product or product line.

Investor Pitch Deck

Want to secure an investor or funding? A Pitch Deck is a short presentation designed to be used in meetings with potential investors and partners. The pitch deck may have slides for any of the following topics: Product Introduction, Team, Problem, Market Advantages, Solution, Product, Traction, Market, Competition, Business Model, Investing, and other market-specific information. Let us help you impress prospective investors!

Invention Licencing

Invention Licensing means partnering with a manufacturer, brand, or company with an existing distribution chain who will “rent” your invention and take the product to market. The manufacturer with distribution is called the Licensee and the person presenting their invention is called the Licensor. Our sales sheets and world-class coaching partners at InventRight can help you!

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