Industrial Design Services

Industrial Product Design services are the cornerstone in the product development process. Industrial Design is easy to explain in terms of value add to your product or idea’s success. While defining any product, Industrial Design incorporates aesthetics, ergonomics, human factors, technology factors, market reding data, focus group data, and your vision. Industrial Design is the foundation of major companies like Apple, Phillips, Johnson & Johnson, Dyson, and more.

Kernard watches developed their product design with Prototype House. This image shows how some of the process played out.

Industrial Design, like product design, is when our professional designers create and develop feasible concepts and specifications of your idea. Our Industrial Product Design services team optimizes the function, target value, and appearance of your product. They define what your product will look like, feel like, how it will work, and ensure it’s a feasible solution. Prototype House has helped clients obtain hundreds of utility patents through Industrial and Product Design.

During Phase 1 our design team will develop concepts and ideas through the collection, analysis, and research of your product’s challenges, benefits, users, target market, and more. We identify major design challenges that our team will aim to resolve in advance during the initial design phase. Our Industrial Designers work along with Mechanical Designers, Tooling Engineers, and manufacturing specialists. This ensures that the concepts provided can be manufactured efficiently, are focused on your product solution, and prepare you for a successful launch.

We also offer think tank concept services that springboard new ideas, concepts, and solutions for a particular problem or product. These focus groups help individuals and brands alike to set the direction for design and development of completely new products or solutions.

Industrial product design services are key to ensuring success. This is an image of various tool options.
Exploring design ideas can bring about ideas you hadn't previously thought of. This image shows a Prototype House concept.
Image of Bosch tool handles.
3D model of Bosch tools.
Image of text that reads "time to develop your next big idea"
Image of tool design options.